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Real Estate Photography

I love online shopping because the internet usually provides me with everything I need to know to make a qualified buying decision: descriptions, specs, reviews, and photos. Given the wealth of information for everyday products like soaps, hangers, and even toilet paper, I was baffled when my home search turned up listings with substandard photos, or worse, no images at all!

Case in point: the house my husband and I bought. The listing had one dark exterior photo of the front, and that was it. The walk-though did not leave a favorable impression: four dogs were sequestered in different parts of the house, preventing us from going into the kitchen or converted garage. The dogs yapped at us non-stop, with messes visible on the floors and a pungent smell throughout. One room was just a mound of items with little sign of carpet underneath. I photographed the house while we toured, but needless to say, it was not love at first sight.

So what changed our minds? The photographs! Reviewing my images later, absent of noise and smell, I was able to see the house more clearly. Vaulted ceilings, granite countertops, French doors, a bathroom skylight and an open layout...it was a diamond in the rough! The things that had turned me off to the house were all superficial, nothing a deep cleaning wouldn't fix. We put in an offer and were even able to negotiate in a seller's market. We got a great deal, and I absolutely love my house!

The moral to this story is that photographs do matter!!! A compelling image will attract attention and engage the imagination. I'm the kind of person who finds value in everything I see, and I would love to showcase the special attributes your property has to offer!


Other Photography Interests

I am an avid fan of fantasy and science fiction, which comes across in my personal projects. Working with cosplay and fantasy themes lets me release my creativity and unlock my imagination! Nature photography is also an escape into another world, one that is very real but is easy to overlook. I love the serenity of an evening outdoors, discovering life largely unaffected by the passage of time.